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To see the visualizations in action, fork these collections and run their requests. Then check the "Visualize" tab in the response!


What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface - a fancy way of describing an agreement that allows pieces of software to talk to each other in order to achieve a task in a simplified way. 

Think of how easy it is to use a phone without having to know anything about electrical circuits or telecommunication. APIs allow us to obscure complexity the same way with software. For example, with a simple network request you can fetch the current coordinates of the International Space Station in a fraction of a second - no rocket science necessary! In short, APIs power the transport of data that makes the world go round and empower developers to build awesome things.

There are many APIs available for use on the internet, and you can also make your own! Or, you can spin up a fake server for this hackathon using Postman's mock server feature to return data.

What is Postman?

Postman is an industry-standard collaboration platform for API development. Over 15 million developers trust Postman for collaborating on APIs.

Where can I get data?

There are many free APIs that allow you to fetch data. See a sample list of public APIs here. Have some data that isn't served from an API yet? Create a mock server in Postman to serve your data! You can even make a GET request to a raw dataset hosted on the internet, such as on GitHub (like this huge list of JSON datasets, or upload your own!). Kaggle is another source of datasets - you may need to convert CSV files to JSON. Maybe your university or government has some interesting data to expose?

Where can I get support with my project?

Join us on the Postman Student Community Discord in the #hackathon channel to chat with Postman employees and other students! We will also be holding office hours in Discord to help anyone learn how to use the Postman Visualizer tool, regardless of experience (see schedule the overview page).

How will the winners be chosen?

There will be two winners: a Champion chosen by Postman, and a People’s Choice winner voted on by your peers. People’s Choice voting will open Jul 29 - Aug 4 here on Devpost! 

How will winners be announced?

The two winners will be first announced during the last day of the Postman Student Summit on August 8, 2021! Join us by registering for the summit here! After the summit, we will contact the winners to arrange the prizes, and announce them in our blog.